So… what’s with the name?

I know you’re probably thinking: wow, guys, you misspelled asterisk. Not quite. It was kind of on purpose?

"Asterisk" is a word pioneered by our a cappella group that describes a more complex, revolutionary symbol (encompassing an asterisk). In fact, an "asterik" is fashioned by placing a five-pointed asterisk (that way, it looks like a little man!) inside the circle of a male symbol. "Ri(c)k" is also a common guy’s name.

Get it?! Yeah, it’s okay. It took us a while to understand what the heck was going on too. The "asterik" was part of the original insignia circa 1996 (somewhat reproduced below). HEY, we take pride in not making sense.

Who is Asterik?

We’re a group of guys who love to sing and have a good time. Simple. as. that.

You’ll never catch us taking ourselves too seriously. We love to entertain, and we do so through song, jokes—whatever works, really.

The best way to get to know asterik is through the articles and photos linked below.



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